Matt Daneshvar /


This is a showcase of some of the projects I have been involved with.


· Founder

Ticketing platform for sport events.


· Technical Lead

Skills-based job matching platform for scientists by scientists.

Nimble Links

· Creator

Collection of online tools for creating functional links.


· Creator

Google Chrome extension to add Mark As Seen buttons to popular websites.


Yoodo (Official Website)

· Technical Lead

The official website of the first fully digital telco in Malaysia.

The official website of our Technology Division at 4 Thirteen.

The Chin Up Project

· Web Developer

Petition backed by a collection of conversations with ethnic Chin refugees in Malaysia.

Open Source

Basic UI components for Tailwind CSS.

Create and manage surveys within your Laravel app.

Automatically generate and persist Hashids for newly created Eloquent models.

General implementation for Laravel resource controllers.

A shorter way to write basic CRUD controller actions in Laravel.

My Github profile hosts all things I do open source.